A temperature controller or Peltier controller is required for exact temperature maintenance and simultaneous power supply. This enables a freely controllable temperature within a module-specific range. When choosing the right controller, it is important that the overall system is sufficiently dimensioned so that the necessary values are reached at all times.

Specific to each field of application is the selection of the controller with the control characteristics designed for the project. These ensure that a specified value is largely adhered to, even in the event of interference. In most cases, P and PI controllers are sufficient for thermal systems. The thermal masses have a damping property, which means that the D-component can be dispensed with. Furthermore, 2-point controllers or PWM controllers can be used. In the former case, they are intended for use in devices with non-variable power – they can switch between two states (e.g. on/off) and enable the definition of an actual value and a hysteresis. PWM controllers, on the other hand, operate by pulse width modulation. A signal is generated the longer the switch-on time is compared to the period duration, the higher the cooling capacity. Our PWM controllers work with a frequency of 1kHz, which does not damage the module – in this case a slightly reduced power is to be expected.

Our Peltier controllers are already configured with a parameter set at delivery. In addition, it is possible to program it yourself with the help of our control unit and to change various control parameters. This ensures an optimum response that is precisely adapted to the respective application.

The control unit enables the use of a display which is connected to the controller via a 3.5mm stereo jack plug. It extends its functions, displays the status of the system and allows the user to individually adapt the parameters to each temperature control setup and save them. The possibilities range from target temperature, minimum and maximum value to frequency and hysteresis.

The fields of application are broad and range from CCD chip cooling in cameras and residual light amplifiers to cooling of laser diodes in medical applications.

Our Peltier controllers are used wherever temperatures have to be maintained exactly – both during heating and cooling processes – and perform their duties reliably.

Peltier elements

Efficient cooling performance in the smallest area – our Peltier elements are adapted to the needs of our customers and are suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Peltier elements are free of moving components and can produce silent cooling or regulate temperatures very precisely. They require neither compressor nor refrigerant and can both cool and heat by reversing the direction of flow. This makes it possible to thermostat components regardless of the ambient temperature. The patented design guarantees a long service life even with many load and temperature changes.

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